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20Group Dealer Trades

20 Group Dealer Trades is a portal created for Dealers to get rid of overage inventory and increase turn in an efficient and convenient way.

Keeping fresh inventory is crucial to profitability. Overage inventory kills profitability in the Used Car Department and the Parts Departments. As active Dealers in 20 Groups, we are told over and over again to get rid of overage inventory and increase turn. Thus far, our only option has been to turn these used cars at auctions at prevailing auction prices.

  1.  What about the $900 reconditioning bill?
  2. What about the fact that the auction prices have gone lower and you can't replace the unit at a similar price?
  3. What about the fact that another Dealer in your 20 Group might just be looking for the same unit that you just sold at a deep loss?
  4.  How does a wholesale auction price generated by an auction with ‘no skin in the game’ relate to our retail inventory costs?

As automobile retailers, this revolutionary 20 Group Portal will now allow us to redefine the disposal value calibrated to what Retail Dealers believe reconditioned inventory is worth.

To those Dealers with multiple roof tops…Remember that when moving your Used Inventory from one location to another location, and taking write downs within your Dealer Group, it’s all coming out of one Treasury…Yours. This Portal will increase your cash position without any inter-dealership write downs.